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If you’re looking for a new job in the RPA market or would like to see what options are available, contact us today to find out more.


Are you looking for the best person to join your team? Get in touch today and we’ll connect you to the top talent across the RPA sector.

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Did you know that the RPA market has been forecasted to reach $4bn by 2025? With huge benefits to all sizes of companies, Robot Process Automation plays a vital role in today’s digital transformation.


RPA helps your company to automate current tasks, as if a real person was doing them. It interacts with systems in the same way that a human user would and can follow rule-based processes… improving accuracy and efficiency for your business.


And that’s why William-Arthur exists; to help companies recruit talent across the RPA market. We help organisations to adopt, or expand, their RPA processes by hiring the right people.


Robotic Process Automation can provide you with:

100% accuracy on simple, repetitive tasks.

40% increase in your workplace productivity.

An increase in revenue per employee of 26%.

70% improvement on the quality of your productivity.

Processing costs can be reduced by up to 80%.

Typically paid back around 3 months.


With new vendors entering the RPA market each quarter, and a constant cycle of new technology being realised – William-Arthur is your go-to recruitment partner for all your RPA talent.


By using a recruitment consultancy whose sole focus is the RPA market, you’ll get the benefit of:

Dedicated and specialist network of candidates and hiring managers.

The right talent in your team, to help you with your RPA projects.

Access to experts who can bring your projects in on time, and under budget.

Recruiters with over 60 years of experience on the coalface and understanding IT.

A recruitment partner who focuses on your business strategy – not just flinging CVs.

Market insights and benchmarking data.

Complete 360 hiring assistance, from sourcing and interviewing, through to references and onboarding.


If you’re looking to hire someone with RPA experience, or you’re looking for a new position – contact us today.




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