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We will help you develop your team and fill all your executive and senior leadership positions so you can focus on scaling your business effectively. We are fast and cost-effective, and we promote diversity, inclusion and equality.

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Are you looking for Executive or Senior Professional to join your team? Get in touch today and we’ll connect you to the top 1% talent across the Fintech sector.


My name is Gillian and I started William-Arthur because I genuinely felt that the Fintech sectors were lacking a reliable business partner that would specialise in hard-to-fill executive and senior leadership roles. I spotted the opportunity, decided to step in and never looked back since.

Here, at William-Arthur, we work with companies embracing diversity, inclusion and equality and we help them scale their business operations by taking over the whole recruitment process. Partner with us and we will help you source and hire your executive and senior leadership teams – from your Chief Financial Officer to Engineering Manager – and we will help you assemble a succession plan so you can retain your talent and grow your business for the years to come.

Gillian Rowe

William-Arthur Associates

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